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Craig Allen for Congress Independent, Representing Everyone!

Welcome to a fresh approach to representing tax paying Oklahomans. 

Let me tell you a little about myself and why I am running for Congress. 
I have resided in the Tulsa area my entire adult life and have been involved in many civic activities. I care deeply about Oklahoma's future and the future of our
hard working citizens.

I am a commercial airline pilot. My profession requires responsibility, integrity and the ability to resolve challenges quickly and precisely. I have interacted with thousands of individuals just like you. In my everyday travels, I have listened to citizens across the nation express frustration and anger with our elected officials.

I will take a common sense approach to Washington DC and it is imperative that we get government out of the way and allow business to thrive.

The almost endless list of earmarks and mandates are costing taxpayers billions of dollars and millions of jobs. Smaller government and a fair tax rate will allow the private sector to flourish.  In Washington, the lobbyist influence seems to override the voice of the taxpayer and I strongly oppose this form of corrupted government.  I will demand the halt of this irresponsible spending spree.

Send me to Washington DC and I will seek to restore integrity and common sense, things long missing from our current government process.

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